The Elobby Router

Logging on to your wifi was never this easyIt's as easy as one two three


   1. Login

Customers connects to your public wifi and log in using their social media account.


  2. Like

The customer is asked to like your page or follow your twitter account or do even more. Asking for a like is optional, you can disable it just as easily.


  3. Internet

When logged on, previous visitors are shown and users can utilize local apps or surf the internet.


Make your wifi, customers, hotspot, visitors work for you

Reach new customers by utilizing your visitors social network

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Increase Likes and Follows,
reach potential customers!

When customers log in to your network, with a simple like or follow. They automatically promote your business to their friends.

Friends of your customers often live in the same neighbourhood and share the same interests. Elobbies lets you reach real potential customers!

Manage your business better Statistics inform you about your customers


Improve staffing and pick the perfect time to schedule breaks.


Use age and sex statistics to tailor your products and services to your customers.


Predict customer turnout for yearly events based on historical data.

Detect change in time!

Make sure you detect changes in your business and customer demographic in time. Adjust your business to compensate for the changes!

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Pie chart: Gender: female/male. Based on 1.137 (49.8%) of the 2.283 visits.

Create a digital doorway for your physical customers

With our social hotspot, at €199.95 (one time cost only), no subscription!

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Easy installation

Installation is as easy as connecting the internet cable to the router and turning it on. Steps on your smartphone, desktop, laptop will guide you through the rest of the installation process and you are ready to go. It's as simple as connecting to the wifi and opening a browser.

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Personalize experience!

Brand your hotspot in your own style. Let your visitors experience your brand on their phones and share it with their friends.

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Install apps for extra featureswe supply a wide range of skinable apps

Let visitors interact!

Let visitors experience your location in a whole new light by letting them interact. Not only with visitors currently at your place, but also with any who has been there in the past.

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Features All in one list

  • Wifi Router / Hotspot / Social Wifi hardware with;
  • Free online wifi statistics
  • Log on to your wifi using facebook or twitter
  • Customizable login requirements, like:
    • Like your facebook page to log on
    • Follow your twitter account to log on
    • Also possible to ask for like/follow after succesfull login
  • Manage your own banner images
    • Week schedule to switch between images
  • Private wifi where you use normal password (like at home)
  • Seperate public - and private wifi
  • Easily customizable wifi names
  • Private wifi get priority
  • Free local Message Board app included
  • 4GB local storage which can for example be used to store Message Board images
  • Customize the style of your landing page
  • Compatible with iPhones (and all other smart phones)
  • 30 money back guarantee
  • All of the above now for just €199.95 per router
  • No subscribtion: So no worries!